Leader of Plaid Cymru visits Swansea Distillery

“Inspiring” to see Swansea’s heritage embraced in “modern, ambitious” project - Rhun ap Iorwerth and Sioned Williams

Leader of Plaid Cymru, Rhun ap Iorwerth and local Member of Senedd Sioned Williams paid a visit to the newly opened Penderyn Distillery in Swansea.

Sioned Williams MS and Leader of Plaid Cymru Rhun ap Iorwerth visit Penderyn whiskey distillery in Swansea Copperworks

Based in the old copperworks, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS was delighted to learn about the links to the copper mines of his constituency Ynys Môn in the facility’s exhibition.

Copper produced in ‘Copperopolis’ – the old nickname for Swansea in the heyday of its copper producing days – is now used in distillery itself.

Mr ap Iorwerth called the brand “inspiring” in the way it reclaimed and embraced Wales’ history as part of its modern, ambitious business model, while Ms Williams noted the importance of the old heritage building being preserved and used for a new purpose, in a way that will draw tourists to the area.

Mr ap Iorwerth and Ms Williams were shown around the modern facilities by Chief Executive Stephen Davies.

Sioned Williams and Rhun ap Iorwerth are shown around the Penderyn whiskey distillery in Swansea Copperworks by Chief Executive Stephen Davies

Leader of Plaid Cymru, Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said:

“Hearing about Stephen’s vision for the brand, and seeing Penderyn’s continued determination to embrace Welsh culture is inspiring, and it shows us how we can build a modern, ambitious Wales that reflects our heritage and values.  

“Penderyn’s copper whisky stills echo the industrial history of Wales from ‘Copperopolis’ Swansea to the copper mines of Ynys Môn. This is a company that is making its presence felt on a world stage, and telling Wales’ story - past and present - as it does so.

“I wish Stephen and the team all the success on their latest venture here in Swansea.”

Sioned Williams MS, Plaid Cymru Member of Senedd for South Wales West, said:

“It’s great to see this wonderful heritage building being preserved and used. It’s good to see businesses come to this area that bring employment for local people and will draw many tourists into Swansea – something that will hopefully give a boost to the local tourism industry.

“It’s so exciting to have such a prestigious brand in the area, and great, too, to see the exhibition on the history of the location. The history of Swansea and the world leading copperworks here is too important to forget, and it’s great to see how Penderyn have embraced the history of the site and incorporated into their tourism facility.”

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