Sioned Williams stands with refugees

Today, Plaid Cymru Member of Senedd, Sioned Williams lambasted the Conservative UK Government for its "immoral" attacks on the rights of refugees.

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Responding to a statement from the Welsh Government, Plaid Cymru's spokesperson for Social Justice and Equalities, Sioned Williams, said:

"It is tragic to note that Europe Day, which is meant to celebrate peace and unity, is a day when we are continuing to have to discuss what oppression and war create—the destruction and the pain in people's lives who have to flee from violence and persecution on the continent of Europe and beyond.

"There is a great deal of need for support for these people from Ukraine and other nations—safe pathways, purpose-built accommodation, sisterhood, brotherhood, not rhetoric from politicians that raises ill-feeling and division.

"Plaid Cymru puts on record its condemnation of the recent allegations with regard to the Conservatives here, and in Westminster, about asylum seekers and refugees, and the way that their human rights are being impacted by legislation. The Senedd should not consent to the Illegal Migration Bill, this merciless Bill the Conservatives want to see being implemented."

Sioned Williams went on to point out that "our aspiration to be a nation of sanctuary won't be one that can be achieved fully" while powers over refugee rights remain in Westminster.

Sioned Williams also pressed the Welsh Government to support opportunities to learn Welsh for free and provide better housing support for refugees, as well as offering support to Welsh citizens who have family in Sudan.

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