Plaid Cymru stands with LGBTQ+ community of Uganda

Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Social Justice and Equalities, Sioned Williams MS has urged the Welsh Government to ensure that those engaged in the Wales and Africa programme are protected, in light of recent homophobic legislation in Uganda.

Sioned Williams expressed her and her party's solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community of Uganda on Wednesday, following new legislation in Uganda which could see LGBTQ+ people risking life in prison or even the death penalty for identifying as LGBTQ+.

Sioned Williams, who represents South Wales West in the Senedd, described the legislation, which is set to come to force if given assent by President Museveni, as "despicable", and urged the Welsh Government to ensure that it takes seriously its commitment to demonstrating "Wales's international duty to show leadership on equality".

LGBTQ+ Ugandan refugees living in Wales have recently spoken against the Bill, sharing horrific accounts of life as an LGBTQ+ in Uganda.

Sioned Williams MS said:

"Plaid Cymru has been proud to work with Welsh Government on the LGBTQ+ action plan to make Wales the most LGBTQ+-friendly nation in Europe, but the plan also commits to demonstrate Wales's international duty to show leadership on equality. People who identify as LGBTQ+ in Uganda risk life in prison and could be given the death penalty in some cases, after the Parliament passed that despicable new Bill.

"As well as making identifying as gay illegal for the first time, friends, families and members of the community would have a duty to report individuals in same-sex relationships to the authorities. Amnesty has said: 'This deeply repressive legislation will institutionalise discrimination, hatred, and prejudice against LGBTQ+ people...and block the legitimate work of civil society, public health professionals, and community leaders.'"

"Wales has many links with Uganda through the Welsh Government's Wales and Africa programme, where both countries work in partnership on various projects and programmes. The Welsh Government must make sure that those engaged in those projects, who may be at serious risk from this hideous legislation, are protected and made safe, and that the Wales and Africa programme is aligned with the international commitments in the Welsh Government's LGBTQ+ action plan."

Watch Sioned Williams' question below:


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