Neath Town Centre Anti-Social Behaviour

A spate of burglaries and attacks on local businesses in the summer of 2022 in Neath town centre prompted me to make further enquires as to how I could assist to protect traders and residents. I held meetings with local businesses people, the police and council officials. 

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I am therefore in regular contact with the council, the police and local traders to discuss the situation and work on solutions to tackle the ongoing problems.  

The police have confirmed to me that there has been an increase in youth related incidents of both crime and anti-social behaviour in Neath town centre, but state they have limited evidence to tackle the perpetrators. Having spoken to some business owners this reflects the main concerns regarding the need for better CCTV coverage and more regular police patrols. 

Having recently met with traders and the authorities I would therefore like to offer all Neath residents a forum to express their opinions, and thoughts on workable solutions. I can then take forward to both the police and the Local Authority to ensure our local businesses are supported, that their trade isn’t affected and that residents feel safe and happy visiting the town centre be it for work, shopping or pleasure.

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23.02.24 - Response to M&S Closure Proposal

Following a letter received on the 20th February outlining a proposal by M&S to close their Neath town centre branch, Sioned wrote to the Chief Executive of M&S, Stuart Machin, and Chief Executive of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council to outline her concerns about the proposal and questions on next steps. Read more here.

19.07.22 – Letter to Transport for Wales

Neath Train Station gives a first impression for many visitors to the town. Many residents I’ve spoken to agree that it is in desperate need of a major uplift, so I have written to Transport for Wales about the station and their plans for improvements. In their response they outlined schemes in progress to improve cleanliness, accessibility, and connections and improvements to the footbridge. They also mentioned ongoing discussions regarding an interchange scheme for the station and immediate area. I will continue to push for information on plans to be shared publicly, with residents being able to have a say in the future of this important station.

06.07.22 – Letter to Royal Mail

Following frequent complaints regarding the state of the old Post Office, I have written to Royal Mail to confirm their ownership of the building and to pass on the comments I have received. The Post Office has been empty for years and is rapidly deteriorating. While many businesses are investing heavily in improving the attractiveness of the town – places like the old Post Office spoil those efforts. Royal Mail have confirmed ownership, so I will now seek to get an update on their future plans for the building.

30.06.22 - Sioned calls on NPT council to act on derelict Reggae Reptiles building in town centre

14.07.22 - Letter to town center traders

I have started distributing a summary copy of the meeting held with a small group of town centre traders, police and the Council to all local businesses in Neath town centre. If you have not received a copy please contact the office and we will be happy to supply you with one.

08.07.22 - New temporary CCTV on Angel Square

Following several incidents of anti-social and criminal behaviour, the police have fitted new temporary CCTV on Angel Square. It will remain in place until Neath Port Talbot Council are able to install permanent cameras. Myself and others have supported calls from local traders to have cameras on the square, and I am pleased to see that these have now been installed.
The planned programme of CCTV improvements are in the process of being rolled out, and further safety measures are being undertaken. It is my hope that these and other actions will help make Neath a safer, more welcoming and vibrant town centre that we all know it can be.

29.06.22 - Update: Arrest Made 

I want to thank Inspector Lindsey Sweeney and everyone involved in identifying and arresting those believed to be responsible for recent incidents in the town. I hope this arrest, and news that temporary cameras will be placed in Angel Square until permanent CCTV can be re-installed as part of the Council's programme of CCTV renewal, will go some way to reassuring all those who live, work and visit Neath that action is being taken to address safety concerns. My office will continue to work with relevant agencies to ensure that concerns are listened to, addressed and that Neath continues to be a beautiful, vibrant and safe town.

20.06.22 - Neath Town Centre Traders Meeting, Gwyn Hall

30.05.22 - Sioned Williams meets local business owners following increase in town centre crime


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