Plaid Cymru calls for jobs plan for Tata Steel

“From Cardiff to Carmarthen – many people are impacted by the uncertainty surrounding Port Talbot steel works – and Welsh Government need to tell us what they plan to do” says Sioned Williams MS

A black and white photograph of Port Talbot steelworks with the water from the Bristol Channel behind it

Sioned Williams MS, Plaid Cymru Member of Senedd for South Wales West, has today called for the Welsh Government to detail their plans to save jobs at Tata Steel in Port Talbot, in light of the continued uncertainty surrounding the steel work’s future.

In the Senedd this week Ms Williams asked Vaughan Gething, the Economy Minister, for the detail behind what Welsh Government is currently doing to save those jobs.

In response, Mr Gething noted that Welsh Government have been in conversation with UK Government, but provided no detail around their plans.

Ms Williams pointed out that the uncertainty around the future of the steelworks is meaning that some workers are feeling forced to look for other employment, and she says that the plan from Welsh Government must detail how to save jobs and also retain skills within the workforce. 

Sioned Williams MS, Plaid Cymru Member of Senedd for South Wales West, said:

“The people in the region I represent are facing an extremely hard new year. As the workers employed at Tata Steel, their families, those in the town and its neighbouring communities look ahead, the picture is still one of terrible uncertainty, deep worry and concern.

“There’s still no firm news, no clear indication of what this next year holds for those skilled workers and their families, and many are finding themselves now forced to look for other employment in order to be assured that they will be able to continue to pay their bills and provide for themselves and their families.

“The Economy Minister was unable to provide any real detail about what Welsh Government are doing to save those jobs and retain that skilled workforce in the Port Talbot area. Always the answer from Welsh Government is that Wales needs to wait for a different UK Government.

“Firstly, with Starmer walking in Sunak’s shadow when it comes to the economy, health, tackling the climate crisis, and ensuring fairness for Wales, there’s little indication that a change in Westminster from blue to red will directly address the concerns that my constituents have. Secondly, the workers cannot wait that long.”

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